Cummings Custom Clubs is committed to improving your golf game. 

Because Fit Matters - We Fit You To A Tee!

Custom Club Fees:

Custom Club Fitting$150.00
Swing Analysis$150.00
Computerized Putting Analysis$75.00 per half hour
Driver$249.00 and up
Irons4-GW (set price) $680.00 and up
Fairway Wood$219.00 and up
Hybrid$139.00 and up
 Loft/Lie Adjustments$6.00 per club
Shorten/Lengthen Club$8.00 per club + grip cost
Re-Grip$3.00 per club + grip cost
Re-Shaft$18.00 per club + shaft + grip cost
Repair Head Rattle$15.00 
    Custom Coaching Available                  Call for pricing
Gift Certificates Available $150.00  Custom Fitting

Because Fit Matters - Call us today!

We Fit You To A TEE!

What we measure:

Smash Factor

Launch Angle

Carry Distance

Total Distance

Ball Speed

Ball Spin Rate

Face Angle

Lie Angle

Lift Angle

Loft Angle

Swing Speed

Swing Tempo

Shaft Flex

Shaft Weight


Total Weight

Swing Weight

Grip Size

Centeredness of Impact

Frequency Matched Set

Club Design

Customer Preference

Customer Feel

Cummings Custom Clubs

All clubs are built assembled in our shop by a Certified Clubmaster.

We use the Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor, Mitchell Golf - Digi Flex Frequency Meter, Mitchell STEELCLUB Signature Angle Machine, TOMI Computerized Putting Analysis, and a Detailed Golf Swing Analysis to determine the grip, shaft and head that is best for YOU! We customize, use precise measurements and specifications to maximize your potential.  We strive to  improve your overall golf experience with the most high tech equipment available in the golf industry.  We are conveniently located in the Greater Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky Area and close to CVG - Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Enjoy Your Day With A Custom Club Fitting